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HovCov Year-Round, Outdoor HVAC Covers. Extend the life of your HVAC system by protecting from debris and rain.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ

Will the HovCov™ work on my unit?

The HovCov™ cover works on most air conditioning and heat pump units. The key is that the unit provides adequate force to lift the cover over top the unit while running. The HovCov™ is designed to attach to the grating that most units have on their sides.

Why Should I Buy the HovCov™?

Your A/C and heat pump units are susceptible to damage from debris such as leaves, pollen and acorns and weather, like rain, ice and snow. The HovCov™ was created to be an easy to install and inexpensive way to keep harmful debris out of your unit.

Will the HovCov™ break my unit?

The HovCov™ was designed by a HVAC professional to protect your unit while still allowing the air to safely vent. We have run hundreds of tests on head pressure and amp readings and have never had the addition of the HovCov™ raise either.

Can I return my HovCov™?

If you are unsatisfied with the performance of the HovCov™ or it doesn't properly fit or install on your unit, please let us know and we will help you return the product or exchange it for the appropriate size.

How well does the HovCov™ work in the snow?

One of the most common applications for the HovCov™ is to protect A/C units and heat pumps from snow. It is important to remember that large amounts of snow could hold the HovCov™ down on the unit. For this reason we recommend placing pieces of wood or something similar under the HovCov™ to prevent it from being held to the unit, and to make sure to remove snow from the unit after it accumulates.